A Great Tool To Advertise Your Book With

Ever had the need for banner ads for your book, and you don’t have Photoshop? Would you like 3-D images of your book? Well, for the last several months I’ve been playing around with an online program called Book Brush. I can tell you all about what they have to offer, but I want to keep this post short, so I’m going to highlight some of the goodies.

First, you choose an ad size and template. They have several predesigned ones for Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You can even design a custom one. Next you have an option to choose over 1 million background images (no, I didn’t count them all), or you can upload your own. Then you can create a 3-D picture of your book in several different angles and styles. Then you add the text for the advertisement. They even have stamps you can use to add logos for Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and a lot more (no more searching for the store’s logo to download). In the end, you just click to save and download for your postings and ads.

Other goodies are a Video Creator and Mockups (scenes where your book cover is inserted to). I created the two mockup images below, and the space scenes images are with custom backgrounds I uploaded.

The online program does have issues with IE and Edge browsers. It’s best to use the Chrome browser instead.

Overall, this program is an excellent tool for authors to promote their work. They have packages you can join; one is free (with limited use), and the other is $96 for a year. You can learn more about them at www.bookbrush.com .

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Mockup for book.

Book Ad

Book ad mockup.

Sci Fi UFO

Custom header for WordPress.

What Kind Of Editor Do You Need?


Fly It Like You Stole It!


US Air Force UFO Chase

Excerpt from USA: Eliminated!

“No time to waste.” Jack grabbed his PADD. “Pete, beam me to the hangar!” He stood still, disappeared in front of those in the Control Room, and reappeared moments later next to his saucer. He ran up the ramp. He sat in the chair and placed the helmet on. The saucer rose a few feet, then sped down the tunnel. Moments later it was airborne, speeding toward its destination.

He used the saucer’s communication system to contact Rich. “Give me the coordinates for the object’s entry point. This saucer has sensors that can analyze that thing. I’m going to meet it and see if I can discover who’s responsible.”

It took him several minutes to arrive at the point where the object would enter the Earth’s atmosphere. He had a few extra minutes to spare. He activated the sensors and watched for it. He didn’t have to wait long.

It entered the atmosphere without burning up. It grew bigger as it approached the saucer. Jack guided the saucer to fly along the object’s path, wishing for more time to take readings. He had mere seconds since the object would outpace the saucer. The object split in two. One was still on its original heading. The other changed course to the southwest.

He set the saucer on autopilot to return to the compound, then called Pete to beam him to the Control Room.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for the transporter’s sinking feeling. However, it only took a few seconds to complete.

Pushing Rich aside, Jack ran to the console. He activated controls for a hidden panel that unfolded out of the console. He looked up at the screen. It showed the object over North America. The screen split to show the second object over South America.

“How long?” Jack watched the image of the missile as it sped over the US. If only the warning had been more detailed.

“Thirty seconds,” Rich answered. “The US and Brazil tried to shoot them down with anti-ballistic missiles, but they couldn’t get close. Our coastal laser defense couldn’t get a lock on it either.”

Jack closed his eyes. “Please,” he prayed. The image made his gut clench. Jack slid a finger up the controls. Hopefully, he was doing it right. The light in the room dimmed a little and then brightened, as if having a power surge.

Using the Odin Satellites’ video feed from headquarters, they watched the objects hit the ground. One over Kansas and the other in the Amazon region of the Confederation of South America.

Ever Had One Of Those Days?


The Naked Monster

Some months back I watched the corniest, craziest, stupidest sci-fi monster movie I think ever made. The Naked Monster. It had several scenes from classic movies, as well as actors from them. It was great fun identifying actors, puns and stolen movie scenes throughout the movie. It looks old, but it was made in 2005.

If you want a laugh, and a mental trivia challenge, this movie is one to watch.

“Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard.”

Loved it!

Your Winter Checklist

Winter is fast approaching and the temperature is already dropping. Here is your survival checklist.

Hot Cocoa…Check
Topped With Whipped Cream…Check
A Good Book to Read…Double Check

If you don’t have your copy of USA: Eliminated! then head on over to Amazon at…