Don’t Take the Cheap Route With Your Baby

Here’s a very important tip for my fellow authors. Don’t go cheap with editing your book. Plan your budget to include a reputable editor/proofreader. Don’t try to save money by doing it yourself. You won’t catch everything. In fact, you will be surprised by what you miss. Also, don’t ask family or friends to help.

I once bought a book for authors that emphasis the importance of editing your work. The funny thing is the book was full of typos. Evidently he didn’t practice what he preached.

I would also avoid most people of FivR, or whatever it’s called. I’ve seen proofreader ads with typos in them.

Best thing to do to find help is to ask other authors for recommendations. That’s how I found my proofreader/editor. She did a great job on book 2 (I wish I found her before book 1 went to the publisher) and I’m planning to use her for book 3. And she wasn’t expensive, which surprised me. I got lucky, I guess.

Most importantly of all, have fun with your writing.

San Andreas: Mega Quake Movie Review

As a sci-fi writer and lover I grew up watching a lot of sci-fi shows. I was a Trekkie before it was a word. Since I started writing I find myself more aware of bloopers in film. For instance, my wife and I were surprised to find a new disaster movie on Amazon we hadn’t seen before called San Andreas: Mega Quake. It was made by Asylum this year. It’s full of action and the acting is pretty good, considering past Asylum movies we’ve watch (sorry, guys, no scantly clad women in this movie). It starts out right after the big one hit California, a 12.7 earthquake. But it’s not over yet, a bigger one is coming within 7 hours that will send half of the state into the ocean.

Then came the bloopers. The first one is in the scene where two of the main characters are racing through Berkely, CA, in their car when a smaller quake hits. As they show the scene of the two people inside the car, look out the windows. You can’t see anything, they’re all white. No buildings or anything. My wife said it’s from all the dust in the air from the quake, but when the movie showed the scene of the car speeding on the highway there’s no dust.

The second blooper? Well, when the main character picked up his ex and started racing through Berkely, the time remaining was 7 hours. They almost crash into a truck during the quake and passed out. When they came to later the show stated it was 5 hours to the mega quake. Later, after they got to their destination the show showed 6 hours.

And don’t get me started on how long 4 hours till the quake lasted with everything that was going on.

Asylum needs a new continuity person because whoever they have now don’t seem to be paying attention.

Hey, Asylum, I’m available. And I’ll work cheap.

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Just a quick word…

Whew! It’s been awhile since I last posted. I just didn’t have anything new to say and I just didn’t want to tell you about the food I ate that day.

Yesterday I set up a book signing table at Lancaster’s 2nd Saturday on the Square, an outdoor event. Now, to those who don’t know, Texas in the summer is full of 100 degree days and, boy, did we have one yesterday. It was a bright, sunny, hot day but it didn’t keep people from coming. It was a great turnout. I met a lot of interesting people and learn a few things. Two other authors were there as well. Linda Carlow who wrote Seth’s Door and Deanna King, author of Twist of Fate – A Jack West Novel.

Hopefully when I go back again in September it will be a little cooler. And I hope to see ya’ll there.

Tip for Writers About What Time the Sun Comes Up…

A little tidbit for my fellow authors…

My wife and I just got back yesterday from a 9-day road trip. We drove from Dallas, Texas, to a resort about 90 minutes west of Chicago, Illinois. We took out time traveling, taking about three days to get there. Each morning we woke up to a cloud cover and some rain. We were wiped out once arriving and didn’t do much that day. The next morning, I was shocked when I woke up. By the sunlight streaming through the windows, I thought it was after 7 a.m. When I checked the resort’s clock, it wasn’t even 6 yet. Thinking it was wrong, I checked my watch. It wasn’t even 6 yet? I knew we didn’t cross a time zone, so I hit the computer. It seems the sun rose 58 minutes in Chicago before it rose in Dallas. I knew there might be a few minutes difference, but I didn’t know it was that much. (I think I once knew but forgotten or it just slipped my forward mind.) I made a mental note to check my timing in my third book, where I have different groups of characters in different locations.

I wanted to share this because I think some of us may forget the differences in timing as we write our stories. And I believe there are some who may not even know about this.

If you want to check the sunrise and sunset times for locations in your stories, you can Google sunrise and sunsets to get your choice of free websites that can help you to stay on time.

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Self Promoting Your Books With Very Little $$$

I’ve had people who are on a tight budget say they are having trouble self-promoting their books. So I thought I would pass on some of the stuff I’ve been doing and I hope it helps you.

First, I want to say I can’t track my results. Since I have a publisher I can’t get to the tracking page on Amazon to see if anything I do is helping. But, I DO know it’s better than not doing anything at all. If you don’t get the word out there about your book(s) then how will people know about them.

1. Give copies to your local libraries. They love to support local authors, and get free books. I gave a copy each to my local town and Dallas. I still have three or four others within 20 miles I can give a copy to. Keep copies in your car as you travel, even on vacation. You might spot a library in a new city to leave one at.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk about your book to people. You may never know who might be interested in purchasing a copy. (Another good reason to have copies in your car.)

I mentioned to the manager at our local Outback Restaurant that my book was out and he bought a copy. A few weeks later at our next visit he mentioned my book to my server and she bought a copy (again, I have a half dozen copies in the car waiting). Easy ten bucks earned.

3. I haven’t tried this yet but I have seen authors signing and selling copies of their books at Walmart. I’ve heard Kroger even allow you to set up a table to sign and sell.

4. Also, check with your local bookstores. Several have book signings monthly. My local bookstore is selling copies of my book for me, just to support me. Half-Price Books also allowed me to set up a table to sell copies. (Funny thing, my local Barnes & Noble told me they weren’t big enough to hold book signings. Not big enough? Come on, have you ever seen a small Barnes & Noble?)

5. Keep business cards on hand to hand out. You never know who might be interested in your book. And don’t be afraid to leave them around. I’ve place some on top of gas pumps before. As well as in bathrooms at office buildings, high-rises, and restaurants. Bookstores and other stores often allow you to leave cards on their counters. Also, keep an eye out for bulletin boards.

6. There are a lot of Facebook groups for promoting your books. Sometimes on a daily basis. I have a list of over 100 groups I usually post to weekly. I don’t do daily because people will get tired and maybe block you. (Don’t you get tired seeing the same commercial during every commercial break?) I usually post between Tuesdays because it stands the chance of being read on those days. Also, on Mondays people usually spend time deleting the emails they received over the weekend without reading them, and on Fridays they are usually busy with the weekend on their minds.

7. Think about adding a link to your author’s page or the book’s page at the end of your posts with a tagline. Something like this…

Take a wild ride in a flying saucer!

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