Fly It Like You Stole It!

My first attempt creating a YouTube Video. What would you do if you found an abandoned flying saucer in your own backyard? Me, I would fly it like I stole it. Post below what you would do… Check out what Jack Slater did in USA: Eliminated!, available on Amazon at…

Outtake from book 2, Conflict: Earth!

If you ever wonder what to blog about to build your branding you could use an outtake, or deleted scene, from your book. Another option is an blog about the background of one of your characters.

Keep in mind people prefer to look at pictures more than read so use one. You can find something online that fits what you might need or create your own like I did here. This scene was never on book 2, Conflict: Earth!, but it could have. I just typed up a quick scene to go with the image and presto, here it is.


t’Nina carefully examined the image of the Urutusian saucer as it left the planet projected above the holographic projector. She wondered how they could have missed it when they scanned the world before destroying the human base.

Sensors detect only three humans aboard the craft, l’Endra’s thoughts brushed aside t’Nina’s. It appears to be on an interception course with our patrol.

“It would be interesting to see what they have planned,” she smiled at the thought. “Does it have any weapons?”

Only phasers.

“Hmmm, interesting indeed.”

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t;Nina watches the craft leave the planet.

The Book Cover for Conflict: Earth!

Conflict: Earth! continues the story of the world governments bickering over unifying Earth’s defenses against a hostile alien threat.

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Conflict: Earth! Book Cover

Cover for Conflict: Earth!

Jack Slater Discovers a Flying Saucer

An excerpt from USA: Eliminated! available on Amazon, Kindle, and other fine bookstores.
   …Bright, white light almost blinded him; what he saw made him drop his PADD. The most beautiful sight sat in the middle of the room. He started walking forward. His mind raced full speed, several thoughts competing. Excitement brewed deep inside his chest, waiting to burst. He felt like a kid on Christmas morning discovering all the gifts under the tree. In fact, the last time he felt this way was when he was three on Christmas morning.
Earth Christmas Present

A close encounter of the fun kind.

He reached with one hand, and he touched it. For most of Jack’s life, he had been chasing flying saucers. Now he caught one. A real flying saucer!
He stepped back and examined it. He estimated it to be fifty-five feet in diameter. It was lenticular-shaped, convex on both sides.
The skin of the saucer was silvery-white, metallic, solid, with no visible seams. Centered on top was a large dome Jack estimated being ten feet in diameter and five feet high; making the saucer, at its thickest point, fifteen feet.

I want a flying saucer for Christmas!

The rim of the saucer was flattened six inches thick. The craft was sitting on four landing gears that extended outward.
   He circled the saucer for a way in but found no visible openings or viewports. He checked underneath and found nothing. He touched the skin again. It was cool.
He stepped back, heart racing. He inhaled a deep breath to calm himself. It took several breaths before he could think straight…

Remember, They Only Abduct In Rural Places…

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Take a wild ride in a flying saucer. And keep your eyes to the skies.

Bookmarks for The Jupiter Factor Series

I’ve had some people ask about my bookmarks so I decide to share them and give a little background on the races.  They are all introduced in someway in my second book, Conflict: Earth!, available on Amazon at , B&N, and other fine bookstores.

Jupiter Factor Bookmarks

Bookmarks for Book 2, Conflict: Earth!


Excerpt from USA: Eliminated!

“No time to waste.” Jack grabbed his PADD. “Pete, beam me to the hangar!” He stood still, disappeared in front of those in the Control Room, and reappeared moments later next to his saucer. He ran up the ramp. He sat in the chair and placed the helmet on. The saucer rose a few feet, then sped down the tunnel. Moments later it was airborne, speeding toward its destination.

He used the saucer’s communication system to contact Rich. “Give me the coordinates for the object’s entry point. This saucer has sensors that can analyze that thing. I’m going to meet it and see if I can discover who’s responsible.”

It took him several minutes to arrive at the point where the object would enter the Earth’s atmosphere. He had a few extra minutes to spare. He activated the sensors and watched for it. He didn’t have to wait long.

It entered the atmosphere without burning up. It grew bigger as it approached the saucer. Jack guided the saucer to fly along the object’s path, wishing for more time to take readings. He had mere seconds since the object would outpace the saucer. The object split in two. One was still on its original heading. The other changed course to the southwest.

He set the saucer on autopilot to return to the compound, then called Pete to beam him to the Control Room.

It seemed like an eternity waiting for the transporter’s sinking feeling. However, it only took a few seconds to complete.

Pushing Rich aside, Jack ran to the console. He activated controls for a hidden panel that unfolded out of the console. He looked up at the screen. It showed the object over North America. The screen split to show the second object over South America.

“How long?” Jack watched the image of the missile as it sped over the US. If only the warning had been more detailed.

“Thirty seconds,” Rich answered. “The US and Brazil tried to shoot them down with anti-ballistic missiles, but they couldn’t get close. Our coastal laser defense couldn’t get a lock on it either.”

Jack closed his eyes. “Please,” he prayed. The image made his gut clench. Jack slid a finger up the controls. Hopefully, he was doing it right. The light in the room dimmed a little and then brightened, as if having a power surge.

Using the Odin Satellites’ video feed from headquarters, they watched the objects hit the ground. One over Kansas and the other in the Amazon region of the Confederation of South America.