All-CON 2020 in Addison TX –CANCELLED!

Well, I was set up and ready for the first day at ALL-CON Thursday. I was looking forward to meeting with other sci-fi fans. Then Friday morning I found a note on my table stating by order of the City of Dallas all events with over 500 attendees will close by 11 a.m. March 13, 2020. Oh well, there’s next year.

Table setup for ALL-CON

Attending All-Con in Addison This Week

Well, gang, this Wednesday I’m heading to Crown Plaza in Addison, TX, to get ready for ALL-CON. It starts on free admission Thursday at 3:00. You can check out the info at and, if you attend, come over and say “Hi”. I’m at the booth B-12, the vitamin booth. My publisher name is Ink Slinger Enterprises.

Hope to see ya there.

Junk Mail and SASE Book Promotions

A little something I would like to share to my friends. My wife and I refinanced our house and got a better deal through Rocket Mortgage/Quicken Loans. Now I know why. They sell my contact info to others to make up the difference. Today in the mail we received 8 letters from different companies claiming they are working with Quicken Loans trying to sell us insurance for life and the mortgage. They had the ‘exact’ amount of the loan in each letter. Now let the spam begin…
The good side is I got 8 self-address stamped envelopes I’m going to use to promote my books. Instead of sending them their filled-out forms, I sending them each a card to promote the books (and they paid for the stamps).

Conflict: Earth! is Out

The second book of The Jupiter Factor Series, Conflict: Earth!, is now available on Amazon, Kindle, and other fine bookstores.

Jack Slater tries to convince the world’s governments to unite to help defend the Earth against an impending alien attack.

His misadventures continues…to Mars, aboard a Plavian Carrier, and…okay, no spoilers. Enjoy the book and please leave a review.

You can find it at and KU.

2nd Book of The Jupiter Factor Trilogy

Jack Slater’s misadventures continues…

Fly It Like You Stole It!

My first attempt creating a YouTube Video. What would you do if you found an abandoned flying saucer in your own backyard? Me, I would fly it like I stole it. Post below what you would do… Check out what Jack Slater did in USA: Eliminated!, available on Amazon at…

EMP This Weekend

Last week my wife and I watched a good movie called E.M.P. 333 Days, a story about surviving an E.M.P. blast which sends North America back to the pre-industrial age. It follows an 11 year old girl’s journey to reach a safe zone and finding her father.

We liked the movie and plan on purchasing a copy for our collection. But it gave my wife an idea. This weekend we’re going to party like it’s 1899. Basically, no electricity (except what’s still in our batteries), phones, TV, microwave, stove, etc. The experiment will be based on right after the blast.  The food in the fridge will still be good for a couple or days or so, but anything we cook will be either on the outside grill (I really don’t grill unless you like charcoaled hot dogs) or in our fireplace (cooking pork and beans in the fireplace will be interesting).

Wish us luck.


Apocalypse Weekend

Military Photos in Afghanistan, 2058

OSAP Files: 205805ARM: Undisclosed Location in South Afghanistan

Two photos released in late 2062 revealed a disc-shaped craft over an undisclosed military base in Afghanistan. Staff-Sergeant Britany Adams claimed she taken the photos in early May of 2058 as the object sped past silently overhead.

Analysis of the photos revealed estimated the craft to be thirty-five feet in diameter and six-foot-two at its thickest point. Similar objects have been photographed in McMinnville, Oregon, on May 11, 1950, and over Rouen, France, in March 1954. The same craft was also sighted north of Dallas, Texas, on January 22, 1878.

© OSAP 2020

UFO over Afghanistan

UFO Sighting in May of 2058, 1st Picture.

UFO over Afghanistan

UFO Sighting in May of 2058, 2nd Picture.