Real Reported UFO Case in USA: Eliminated!

As you are writing you can easily insert actual events to make your story sound more real. While writing my first book I added some actual UFO reports into it. Here’s an example when I did a flashback of 100+ years from the story’s timeline. It gave it a Project Blue Book feel to the it.

Socorro, New Mexico—1964

At 5:45 p.m., Police Sergeant Lonnie Zamora spotted a speeding car outside the small town of Socorro, New Mexico. Desert, sand, and cactus were the only things around. That—and the speeder. Zamora turned on his siren and hit the gas, his eyes fixed on the speeding car.

To the northeast, he heard what sounded like explosions. A funnel of blue-and-orange flame rose so high it could be seen in the sandy, hilly desert for miles. God, it must be the dynamite shack exploding. He gave up the chase, and turned his car in the direction of the flame and explosions.

He then steered a hard right onto a dirt road, wheels spinning rock behind them as he tried to climb a steep hill. It took him three tries before he made it to the top of the damn hill. He stopped for a moment to get his bearings and saw what looked like an overturned white car over a hundred yards away. It was off the road with two people standing nearby.

The object shined like whitish aluminum, not like chrome, against the mesa background. For some reason, it somehow looked out of place to Zamora. He couldn’t put his finger on it. The people appeared to be alright by the way they moved. They wore what seemed to be white coveralls. The only unusual thing about them was, by their size, they were either small adults or large kids. He couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed they
appeared to jump in surprise when they looked his way.

Sergeant Zamora drove along the road to get closer. He lost sight of it for several seconds driving around a large hill. After getting close enough, Zamora pulled over and stopped his car. He radioed in, reporting he would be leaving his car to render aid. “It looks like some kids were joy-riding and flipped their car.”

As he stepped away from his vehicle, he heard a thunderous roar. The two people had disappeared. He was shocked. It wasn’t an overturned car. It was an oval-shaped object. Rising into the air. Light blue and orange flame centered underneath as
it rose. Around the fire, he saw what looked like four landing gears retracting into the object.

Fearing the craft was about to explode because of the roar, he ran to the other side of the road and dove for cover. He looked up and saw the object low to the ground, slowly moving away from him.

It was oval. Smooth, with no windows or doors. Centered on the side was unrecognizable red lettering. It didn’t look like any Earth language he was familiar with.
It sped up, rising into the evening sky. It immediately took off across the country and was soon out of sight.

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Socorro NM UFO Report

People who looked like teens from a distance…

Cigar-Shaped UFO Crash Site?

On August 6, 2020, someone reported to the National UFO Research Center the location on Google Earth what appears to be a crash site. I decided to check the image myself knowing the GE image wouldn’t be faked or CGI.

It appears a cigar-shaped craft slid down a mountain and several hundred yards before coming to a full stop. The craft, or whatever, is covered with snow but not the trail. I included two pictures for you to consider. The location on Google Earth is…

54 39 44.6s ,36 11 42.5w

Crash Site Trail?

Trail of a landing or crashing UFO?

UFO Crash Site?

Possible cigar-shaped UFO covered in snow.

The Guy Thinks He’s Einstein


Colorful Word to Write Instead of Said

As we are writing our stories we often find ourselves typing “he said, she said, they said this or they said that.” Too many saids on a page will sound unprofessional. Also, you need to add some color, emotions, to what the character is saying.

In a lot of cases you can describe what the person is doing as they are talking without using he said. For instance…

Jack reached for the rifle. “You’re not going to make me use this, are you?”

But, if you prefer to use the colorful alternatives, here’s a list for you to look over.


Ways to add color to speech.

Describing Someone’s Voice

Something for my fellow authors. Ever need to describe a voice in your writings and just can’t think of anything. Well, here are some examples that might help you on your way. Enjoy.

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UFOs Spotted Flying Over Texas…

Jack Slater watched the image of the missile as it sped over the US. If only the warning had been more detailed. Anti-ballistic missiles and coastal laser defense had failed to shoot it down. It was just too fast. He examined the controls and hoped his plan worked. “Please,” he prayed. Only seconds before detonation, the image made his gut clench. He closed his eyes and slid his fingers up the panel.

What happened next is available on Amazon in the book “USA: Eliminated” by William D. Nash.   Read how Jack discovers an actual abandoned flying saucer which causes World War III.

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More info on the Tic-Tac UFO and the government

Interesting interview with retired Navy pilot Commander David Fravor, one of the pilots who chased a tic-tac shaped UFO 40 feet long with no wings. Maybe there will be more information released by the government soon.

Here’s the video of the interview posted on Microsoft News.

Defund the Police Departments…What the…?

Okay, I’ve heard a LOT of stupid things throughout my life; even those I’ve said. But this stink about defunding the police departments because of a few bad apples is the stupidest. Come on, you don’t burn down the whole orchard because of a few sour apples. And you don’t want to increase the crime rate even higher by defunding the police. The only people who wants this are looters, rioters, the mob, mafia, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, ISS, BLM, robbers, thieves, the cartel, rapists,…need I say more? If you believe the police should be underfunded then which category I mentioned do you fall under?

I remember the days when the police were not paid enough for their bravery. I mean, when there is a gun-fight, who runs into the gunfire to stop it? You? No, you’re too busy hiding in your snake hole wanting someone else to take care of it. Who ran up those stairs along with the FDNY on 9-11? You? I think not. These brave men and women deserve our support. The bad apples do need to be weeded out, and policies changed. Especially those that can inflict harm. Come on, kneeling on someone’s neck to restrain them is not a good procedure. (I’ve actually seen that myself when I saw a fat plains-clothed officer of African decent pull a petite white woman from her car, throw her to the ground, and put his full weight on her while waiting for backup. The guy was over 250 lbs. and the woman was around 125. No one yelled about that, except me and my wife.)

Any city or county that defunds the police department will NOT see any of my money. I mean, do I really want to vacation in a town where the crime rate doubles because there aren’t enough police? No. And so should you.

I now I’m taking my own life into my hands by posting this. There are a lot of haters who are looking for any excuse to hate, and kill. I wish them good health, and calmer heads. Hating will only bring bad health to you. You don’t want an ulcer the size of Texas.

Have a safe and healthy day and please, Support the Blue.

(Well, here goes. Gonna push the blue Publish button now.)

My Wife is going Preppy on Me

I don’t know if ‘preppy’ is the right word for it, but does describe what my wife has been doing these months since the lock-down. For years she never got involved in social media. She only snail-mail, email, or texted her friends. She never got involved with MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. That is until a couple of months ago when she discover Pinterest.  She started creating boards on everyday things like computers, cooking, and plants. But now she is going crazy with the upcoming economic downfalls. She’s collecting things to prepare for any apocalypse (economic, alien invasion, zombies, racial civil war, whatever). We have 4 solar powered flashlights and 3 months of MREs (meals ready to eat). We’ve got about 3 months supply of toilet paper, 6 months of meat and canned food. She’s constantly reading articles to me about the Covid-19 virus, the BLM hassles, shootings, police defunding (now THAT is a stupid idea, another blog about that is coming), and whatever else she can find. It kind of remind me of the cold war days when I was growing up (remember Duck and Cover?).

Oh, well, I still love her. Things will get better and her fears with subside. She just wants to be prepared, just in case. “Better to have and not need…”

I hope all is well with you and yours. Stay safe and healthy.