Tips for Authors-Use Instead of Very

My wife got me to sign up with Pinterest after seeing the image below. I know in the past I just couldn’t come up with an alternative to very (something) but this will help a lot. I’ve printed it out and posted it on my desk shelf to check when I get hung up again. Thought you might be interested.

Help with authors in their writings.

Helpful Tips

Fun, Excitement, A Great Read While Shut In

Flying back from Europe in Eagle Recon 1, Jack Slater and friends decided to detour around a naval exercise in the Atlantic Ocean. The new course leads him over the Sargasso Sea–bad decision. He forgot that is the home of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

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Conflict: Earth! Cover

How can one man convince the word to unite?

Watch where you stick you nose…

Yesterday I stopped to smell the roses…and a bee flew up it.

Whatever happened to “Goodbye”?

The last several months I’ve seen new movies where the person is talking on the phone hangs up without a goodbye, see you later, or any other of sign-off. Is that a trend today? You don’t say goodbye at the end of a phone conversation anymore? Have proper phone etiquette changed to no proper sign-off? What’s next? No ‘Hello’? Just pick up the phone and answer “yea” and when you’re done just hang up. How do you know the other person is finished with the phone conversation?

Now, you may say it’s only the movies trying to save a little time (between a half second to a couple) by not having their characters saying goodbye. But it happens in real life as well.

Good manners seems to be disappearing every day. What do you think?

Smart-Ride from Nationwide

My wife and I switched to Nationwide for auto/etc. insurances a few weeks ago and received the Smart Ride device to record out driving habits for 6 months. At first it was confusing. The instructions on where to install the device wasn’t correct. There was supposed to be a little door just below the steering wheel where the connector was supposed to be. Instead it was totally under the dashboard just above my left leg. I couldn’t lie down or bend over backwards to look for it but was able to feel for it.

The device records your acceleration/braking habits, time of day/night you are driving, and idle times. Believe it or not but all the time you sit at a red light idling can be decrease any future discounts. Also they said if you hard break or accelerate faster than 7.7 MPH per Second it can go against you. At first I misunderstood thinking they were claiming I could travel 7.7 miles in a second. But it really meant the time to go up each mile per hour within a second, or slow down. Basically, no more than 8 marks on your speedometer in a second’s time. But I have to ask, what does 7.7 mph/second feel like. I tried it early today and talk about snail speed. I’ll get hit in the rear by people when I pull out of my drive. I have to take 5 seconds to reach 35 MPH. Getting onto a highway with the speed limit of 70 mph it should take me no less than 10 seconds. (Can you say fender bender?)

And I’ll have to start breaking for a turn around 3 to 8 blocks early depending on the speed I’m going. I am not looking forward to the next 6 months.

Self Testing for the Virus

Keep in mind my sources for this information came from the internet by an audio blog and friend relating what they read at the Stanford Hospital.

First, an easy way to self-test yourself for COVID-19 is to take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. If you can last through that time and not cough during it or after then you don’t have it. Also, a running nose is NOT a symptom of the virus. So. if you have one then catch it, blow it, and put it back on to your face (you would look funny without it).

My wife repeated what a friend heard about using Advil/Ibuprofen being deadly for the virus victims. An audio blog also related the same news saying Advil will FEED the virus making it 10 times worse! Tylenol is safe to use during this time.

Again, this information is only internet hearsay, I couldn’t personally say it totally true, but who knows, it could be.

Stay healthy and safe out there.

The Great Toilet Paper Expedition

When I returned home after ALL-CON 2020 closed due to the virus my wife told me about articles she read about toilet paper shortages. People are actually fighting over for the wipes. Walmart is out. Target is out. Office Depot is out. Amazon is out, except for the hoarders/gouchers who are selling $20 packages of TP for $96.

The Great Toilet Paper Expedition

Well, today my wife and I decided to go on The Great Toilet Paper Expedition. Her plan was to go store to store to search for the elusive creature. I really didn’t want to drive all around Dallas looking for it (the $96 package started to look promising) so I decided to try it online. A store on Ebay had 5 rolls left of the 36 count Charmin at a reasonable price and it would take about a week and a half for delivery. So, I ordered two packages and found out the store is closed for vacation.

I went back to the online search. I checked Target and found they were suppose to have some, but not for delivery or online purchase. Since I’ve been fooled before by online sites saying their stores had a product in stock and when I arrived they didn’t and never carried it, I decided to call the store first.

THEY JUST GOT A SHIPMENT IT-IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY!!!! Only one per customer per household. Alllll Right!

My wife and I drove there and found they did indeed have a shipment in. I passed several people as I searched for the aisle for the paper with only a package of toilet paper in their cart. We were able to find the brand and style we liked in the larger packages that should last several weeks.

Who knew?

I’m taking my wife out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Who knew buying toilet paper could be exciting.

Out of curiosity, what is it like in your neck of the woods?