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I‘ve been a student of Ufology ever since my parents handed me a scrapbook with old articles of classic reports. I have investigated UFO reports, a few for MUFON—Mutual UFO Network— starting with the 1897Aurora, Texas UFO crash when the story resurfaced in 1972. I also taught a Continued Education class in Ufology for one semester at Mountain View College. Now I'm writing a trilogy that started back in '72 when a friend and I were planning of making our own movie. Over 10 years the short story became a trilogy. I hope when the books are published you will find them entertaining and informative.

Selling Books On Your Site?

Wednesday Wondering: This is for those who sell their book on their own sites.

1: How do you work your site to get followers and shoppers?

2: Any particular services work best for you?

3: If you accept credit cards, what service do you use for payment, estimating sales tax and shipping charges?

4: How do you bring people to your site?

5: What special tips can you share to authors who might be considering going this route?

6: And lastly, please post a link to your page.Please click on the image below or this link, https://www.facebook.com/AuthorW.D.Nash , to respond.

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First Contact

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Time for a good laugh…

I saw this and just had to share. We all need a good laugh and I hope this will supply one for you. #covid #humor #BillyJean

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Ever Had One Of Those Days?

Your “birthing unit” told you there would be days like this, right?

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My Cup of Tea

So true, except my cup is around 26 ounces. And it’s iced tea.

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Authors, Post Your Book Info

To all my author friends… What are you reading now?I’m reading a 2 in 1 book by John G. Fuller, “Incident at Exeter” and The Interrupted Journey”. I originally read both books back in the 70s. I lost them over the decades and when I started collecting books on the subject I spotted this combo. If possible, show the front cover of the book you’re reading in your comments.

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New Author’s Page for W.D. Nash-Fictionist

I just designed a new Facebook Author’s page for my Facebook followers. It will be similar to this page. Posts will be about sci-fi reviews, books, writing and promotional tips, and more. Head on over and let me know what you think.


Air Force’s Sighting Identification

The 50’s & 60’s standard for identifying UFOs.

Quick Video About Setting Up a YouTube Page

Part of branding is also having a YouTube page, nowadays. You could post video blogs to share with other groups that promotes your books. You could even do reviews of movies and books. There’s a wide range of things you can do with it.

Here’s the vid. Enjoy.

Air Force’s Standard Identification


Roswell grey