About wildbillnash

I‘ve been a student of Ufology ever since my parents handed me a scrapbook with old articles of classic reports. I have investigated UFO reports, a few for MUFON—Mutual UFO Network— starting with the 1897Aurora, Texas UFO crash when the story resurfaced in 1972. I also taught a Continued Education class in Ufology for one semester at Mountain View College. Now I'm writing a trilogy that started back in '72 when a friend and I were planning of making our own movie. Over 10 years the short story became a trilogy. I hope when the books are published you will find them entertaining and informative.

Ever Had One Of Those Days?


The Naked Monster

Some months back I watched the corniest, craziest, stupidest sci-fi monster movie I think ever made. The Naked Monster. It had several scenes from classic movies, as well as actors from them. It was great fun identifying actors, puns and stolen movie scenes throughout the movie. It looks old, but it was made in 2005.

If you want a laugh, and a mental trivia challenge, this movie is one to watch.

“Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard.”

Loved it!

Your Winter Checklist

Winter is fast approaching and the temperature is already dropping. Here is your survival checklist.

Hot Cocoa…Check
Topped With Whipped Cream…Check
A Good Book to Read…Double Check

If you don’t have your copy of USA: Eliminated! then head on over to Amazon at…


Trials and Tribulations with Facebook

I really got involved with Facebook with an author’s page and joining over 100 groups.  I even admin a sci fi group (for those who are interested it’s sci fi writers group) where I learn more about writing, as well as helping whenever I can.  I even joined a few non-Facebook sites using my Facebook log in information.  I thought it would be handy and faster logging into those sites.

But that was a mistake.  Yesterday, Facebook decided to lock me out and unpublished my author page, thejupiterfactor.  They only gave a vague reason why, that I had violated their terms.  What was I doing at the time?  Well, I had just posted a couple of help articles in the sci fi group and had been promoting my first book, USA: Eliminated! to a list of groups that allow self promotions.  I was just about finished with it when they locked me out without telling me what I did wrong, if anything.  I use my page to promote my books and now I have a lot of dead links to my page thanks to Facebook.  I have no idea if or when I will be allowed to log back in.

Now, the other problem…all the pages I used my Facebook to log in with is no longer available without creating a whole new account with them.

So, for my friends who also uses Facebook, don’t use the log in options to other sites in case this happens to you.  Also, don’t put all of your eggs into Facebook like I did.  Thanks to Facebook I am now losing sales.

Hey, if life was easy it would be boring.


Conflict: Earth! Cover

How can one man convince the world to unite?

Ufologist Jack Slater needs to convince world leaders that they must forget historical differences and unite to withstand a looming alien threat. Jack races through space and time in search of advanced technologies that will help save the planet. If he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, Earth has no hope of defeating not one, but three hostile alien races.

Along the way, Jack discovers answers to age-old mysteries, makes new friends, and evades capture by the masters of illusions, the Greys.

Earth is running out of time. Will Governments unite to face their common foe? Can Jack come up with the answer to hold off the alien horde? The alternative is unthinkable in CONFLICT: EARTH!

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News from The Jupiter Factor Series

My editor and I parted ways last month after a little situation with my second book. I’ve self-published my first book, USA: Eliminated, and my second book, Conflict: Earth, on Amazon last week. Today is the official release for both. Announcements to follow…

Don’t Take the Cheap Route With Your Baby

Here’s a very important tip for my fellow authors. Don’t go cheap with editing your book. Plan your budget to include a reputable editor/proofreader. Don’t try to save money by doing it yourself. You won’t catch everything. In fact, you will be surprised by what you miss. Also, don’t ask family or friends to help.

I once bought a book for authors that emphasis the importance of editing your work. The funny thing is the book was full of typos. Evidently he didn’t practice what he preached.

I would also avoid most people of FivR, or whatever it’s called. I’ve seen proofreader ads with typos in them.

Best thing to do to find help is to ask other authors for recommendations. That’s how I found my proofreader/editor. She did a great job on book 2 (I wish I found her before book 1 went to the publisher) and I’m planning to use her for book 3. And she wasn’t expensive, which surprised me. I got lucky, I guess.

Most importantly of all, have fun with your writing.