Defund the Police Departments…What the…?

Okay, I’ve heard a LOT of stupid things throughout my life; even those I’ve said. But this stink about defunding the police departments because of a few bad apples is the stupidest. Come on, you don’t burn down the whole orchard because of a few sour apples. And you don’t want to increase the crime rate even higher by defunding the police. The only people who wants this are looters, rioters, the mob, mafia, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, ISS, BLM, robbers, thieves, the cartel, rapists,…need I say more? If you believe the police should be underfunded then which category I mentioned do you fall under?

I remember the days when the police were not paid enough for their bravery. I mean, when there is a gun-fight, who runs into the gunfire to stop it? You? No, you’re too busy hiding in your snake hole wanting someone else to take care of it. Who ran up those stairs along with the FDNY on 9-11? You? I think not. These brave men and women deserve our support. The bad apples do need to be weeded out, and policies changed. Especially those that can inflict harm. Come on, kneeling on someone’s neck to restrain them is not a good procedure. (I’ve actually seen that myself when I saw a fat plains-clothed officer of African decent pull a petite white woman from her car, throw her to the ground, and put his full weight on her while waiting for backup. The guy was over 250 lbs. and the woman was around 125. No one yelled about that, except me and my wife.)

Any city or county that defunds the police department will NOT see any of my money. I mean, do I really want to vacation in a town where the crime rate doubles because there aren’t enough police? No. And so should you.

I now I’m taking my own life into my hands by posting this. There are a lot of haters who are looking for any excuse to hate, and kill. I wish them good health, and calmer heads. Hating will only bring bad health to you. You don’t want an ulcer the size of Texas.

Have a safe and healthy day and please, Support the Blue.

(Well, here goes. Gonna push the blue Publish button now.)

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