My Wife is going Preppy on Me

I don’t know if ‘preppy’ is the right word for it, but does describe what my wife has been doing these months since the lock-down. For years she never got involved in social media. She only snail-mail, email, or texted her friends. She never got involved with MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. That is until a couple of months ago when she discover Pinterest.  She started creating boards on everyday things like computers, cooking, and plants. But now she is going crazy with the upcoming economic downfalls. She’s collecting things to prepare for any apocalypse (economic, alien invasion, zombies, racial civil war, whatever). We have 4 solar powered flashlights and 3 months of MREs (meals ready to eat). We’ve got about 3 months supply of toilet paper, 6 months of meat and canned food. She’s constantly reading articles to me about the Covid-19 virus, the BLM hassles, shootings, police defunding (now THAT is a stupid idea, another blog about that is coming), and whatever else she can find. It kind of remind me of the cold war days when I was growing up (remember Duck and Cover?).

Oh, well, I still love her. Things will get better and her fears with subside. She just wants to be prepared, just in case. “Better to have and not need…”

I hope all is well with you and yours. Stay safe and healthy.

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