Hello Everyone, a review of an online game called Hero Wars

It’s been a while since I last posted. So many things has happened the past few months and if I posted some of my thoughts about them, I’m afraid I might be shot. So, a review and possible warning about an online game called Hero Wars.

You’ve seen the add for it in Facebook and whenever you open your browser showing the news for the day. The add shows a puzzle, a challenge for you to help the hero get the gems without being burned by lava. There are pins you need to pull to help the hero out. The ads usually says the puzzle is impossible to solve and challenge you to try it. There’s an ad for it today saying “Many failed before. Will you complete the Trial?”

Well, if you decide to click and sign into the game don’t expect to see any of those puzzles. There are two in the early part of the game but, to date, no other. I spoke with someone with Hero Wars and she explained those are the only two, they may add more in the future.

Well, the game as it is, is fun. The only problem after a point you have to spend actual cash to get more resources to progress (unless you want to play the slooooow game). There are several times you can get free resources, but from another site called Discord which you are required to sign up for. (But there are some of us that share the links for the resources with fellow guild members so they don’t have to sign up.) There are several battles, adventures (not really), and exploring (not much of it, though) along the game. You can get hooked on it, and if so, plan to decrease the balance in your bank account.

The game doesn’t play will in Microsoft Edge, and most likely not with IE as well. But it works fine in Chrome.

If you’re interested you can check it out at http://www.hero-wars.com .

Non Existing Puzzle

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