Smart-Ride from Nationwide

My wife and I switched to Nationwide for auto/etc. insurances a few weeks ago and received the Smart Ride device to record out driving habits for 6 months. At first it was confusing. The instructions on where to install the device wasn’t correct. There was supposed to be a little door just below the steering wheel where the connector was supposed to be. Instead it was totally under the dashboard just above my left leg. I couldn’t lie down or bend over backwards to look for it but was able to feel for it.

The device records your acceleration/braking habits, time of day/night you are driving, and idle times. Believe it or not but all the time you sit at a red light idling can be decrease any future discounts. Also they said if you hard break or accelerate faster than 7.7 MPH per Second it can go against you. At first I misunderstood thinking they were claiming I could travel 7.7 miles in a second. But it really meant the time to go up each mile per hour within a second, or slow down. Basically, no more than 8 marks on your speedometer in a second’s time. But I have to ask, what does 7.7 mph/second feel like. I tried it early today and talk about snail speed. I’ll get hit in the rear by people when I pull out of my drive. I have to take 5 seconds to reach 35 MPH. Getting onto a highway with the speed limit of 70 mph it should take me no less than 10 seconds. (Can you say fender bender?)

And I’ll have to start breaking for a turn around 3 to 8 blocks early depending on the speed I’m going. I am not looking forward to the next 6 months.

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