Self Testing for the Virus

Keep in mind my sources for this information came from the internet by an audio blog and friend relating what they read at the Stanford Hospital.

First, an easy way to self-test yourself for COVID-19 is to take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. If you can last through that time and not cough during it or after then you don’t have it. Also, a running nose is NOT a symptom of the virus. So. if you have one then catch it, blow it, and put it back on to your face (you would look funny without it).

My wife repeated what a friend heard about using Advil/Ibuprofen being deadly for the virus victims. An audio blog also related the same news saying Advil will FEED the virus making it 10 times worse! Tylenol is safe to use during this time.

Again, this information is only internet hearsay, I couldn’t personally say it totally true, but who knows, it could be.

Stay healthy and safe out there.

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