Jack Slater Discovers a Flying Saucer

An excerpt from USA: Eliminated! available on Amazon, Kindle, and other fine bookstores.
   …Bright, white light almost blinded him; what he saw made him drop his PADD. The most beautiful sight sat in the middle of the room. He started walking forward. His mind raced full speed, several thoughts competing. Excitement brewed deep inside his chest, waiting to burst. He felt like a kid on Christmas morning discovering all the gifts under the tree. In fact, the last time he felt this way was when he was three on Christmas morning.
Earth Christmas Present

A close encounter of the fun kind.

He reached with one hand, and he touched it. For most of Jack’s life, he had been chasing flying saucers. Now he caught one. A real flying saucer!
He stepped back and examined it. He estimated it to be fifty-five feet in diameter. It was lenticular-shaped, convex on both sides.
The skin of the saucer was silvery-white, metallic, solid, with no visible seams. Centered on top was a large dome Jack estimated being ten feet in diameter and five feet high; making the saucer, at its thickest point, fifteen feet.

I want a flying saucer for Christmas!

The rim of the saucer was flattened six inches thick. The craft was sitting on four landing gears that extended outward.
   He circled the saucer for a way in but found no visible openings or viewports. He checked underneath and found nothing. He touched the skin again. It was cool.
He stepped back, heart racing. He inhaled a deep breath to calm himself. It took several breaths before he could think straight…

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