Trials and Tribulations with Facebook

I really got involved with Facebook with an author’s page and joining over 100 groups.  I even admin a sci-fi group (for those who are interested it’s sci fi writers group) where I learn more about writing, as well as helping whenever I can.  I even joined a few non-Facebook sites using my Facebook login information.  I thought it would be handy and faster logging into those sites.

But that was a mistake.  Yesterday, Facebook decided to lock me out and unpublished my author page, thejupiterfactor.  They only gave a vague reason that I had violated their terms.  What was I doing at the time?  Well, I had just posted a couple of help articles in the sci-fi group and had been promoting my first book, USA: Eliminated! to a list of groups that allow self-promotions.  I was just about finished with it when they locked me out without telling me what I did wrong, if anything.  I use my page to promote my books, and now I have a lot of dead links to my page, thanks to Facebook.  I have no idea if or when I will be allowed to log back in.

Now, the other problem…all the pages I used my Facebook to log in with is no longer available without creating a whole new account with them.

So, for my friends who also uses Facebook, don’t use the log in options to other sites in case this happens to you.  Also, don’t put all of your eggs into Facebook like I did.  Thanks to Facebook I am now losing sales.

Hey, if life was easy it would be boring.

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