Conflict: Earth! Cover

How can one man convince the world to unite?

Ufologist Jack Slater needs to convince world leaders that they must forget historical differences and unite to withstand a looming alien threat. Jack races through space and time in search of advanced technologies that will help save the planet. If he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, Earth has no hope of defeating not one, but three hostile alien races.

Along the way, Jack discovers answers to age-old mysteries, makes new friends, and evades capture by the masters of illusions, the Greys.

Earth is running out of time. Will Governments unite to face their common foe? Can Jack come up with the answer to hold off the alien horde? The alternative is unthinkable in CONFLICT: EARTH!

Get your copy on Amazon, Goodreads, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and other fine tome stores.


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