Tip for Writers About What Time the Sun Comes Up…

A little tidbit for my fellow authors…

My wife and I just got back yesterday from a 9-day road trip. We drove from Dallas, Texas, to a resort about 90 minutes west of Chicago, Illinois. We took out time traveling, taking about three days to get there. Each morning we woke up to a cloud cover and some rain. We were wiped out once arriving and didn’t do much that day. The next morning, I was shocked when I woke up. By the sunlight streaming through the windows, I thought it was after 7 a.m. When I checked the resort’s clock, it wasn’t even 6 yet. Thinking it was wrong, I checked my watch. It wasn’t even 6 yet? I knew we didn’t cross a time zone, so I hit the computer. It seems the sun rose 58 minutes in Chicago before it rose in Dallas. I knew there might be a few minutes difference, but I didn’t realize it was that much. (I think I once knew but forgotten or it just slipped my forward mind.) I made a mental note to check my timing in my third book, where I have different groups of characters in different locations.

I wanted to share this because I think some of us may forget the differences in timing as we write our stories. And I believe there are some who may not even know about this.

If you want to check the sunrise and sunset times for locations in your stories, you can Google sunrise and sunsets to get your choice of free websites that can help you to stay on time.

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