1952 UFO Photograph Over Salem, Massachusetts

OSAP Archives: 1952.07.16: Salem, Massachusetts Coast Guard Photo
During the peak of the 1952 UFO flap, US Coast Guardsman Shel Alpert witnessed four brilliant lights in the sky while on duty. He called another Guardsman over to their office window who also witnessed the lights fade and brighten.
Shel Alpert quickly grabbed his camera off a nearby table, a 4/5 Busch Pressman Camera, and took one photo.
The report and photo was given to Project Bluebook who concluded the images were reflections of office ceiling lights. The conclusion, though, didn’t explain away the objects movements reported by the two men. Also, there’s a report they were watching through a screen window, not a glass window, which would not create a reflection.
Even though Bluebook concluded it as a misidentification, they classified it as “Secret.”

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