A backstory for two of my minor characters from my books.

The girls were identical twin sisters whose parents had an unusual sense of humor in naming their kids.

Pipi was the quiet one. Though she was shy, it didn’t keep her from excelling in science. When she was four, he father found her reading his research books. Whenever she could not understand something, her father took the time to explain in terms she could understand.

Poppy was the opposite, bold and outgoing. She was never afraid to explore new places and try new things. Her personality would “pop” out at you when she would walk into a room. Where Pipi’s smile was a soft one, Poppy’s bold smile lit up the room. Pipi’s knowledge came from books she read, whereas Poppy’s came from experience. She would take things apart just to see how they worked. When her curiosity was quench, she would try to improve it. Experimentation was not a stranger to her.

When they started school, they were often teased about their names. It wasn’t too long before the sisters were known as the “P-P Girls.” Too often it would lead to Poppy defending her sister with a punch to the nose of a tormentor.

It was in high school when the sisters realized they were better working together. When they were tormented, it would not end with a punch. The girls would instead combine their knowledge for a devious payback.

Their classmates admired three popular girls in high school, Britney, Mia, and Maria. And, of course, they were cheerleaders. They were always friendly and sweet to their peers until the teachers would turn their backs. You would have to watch your back, and your social media, if you ever crossed them.

Once, Britney’s boyfriend admired Pipi’s style and her long blonde hair. Britney was already envious of Pipi’s beautiful hair, and he added fuel to the fire. She plotted with her girlfriends to take pictures of Pipi unknowingly. That night the girls got together and photo-manipulated Pipi’s head onto different figures with sexual quotes. From an old Betty Boop cartoon to bodies of men, nothing was sacred. Afterward, they photo-bombed it on the school’s social media.  All the students received copies of the images on their tablets.

The next morning, the students greeted Pipi and Poppy with snickers and sly remarks. When someone mentioned to them to check their inboxes, they discovered the offending pictures. It wasn’t until Britney commented about Pipi deserving it that Poppy realized that the Bitch Squad were the culprits. The school had a No Cyber-Bullying Policy, but they took no action against the girls because of lack of evidence.

Poppy decided to take matters into her own hands. That night, she gathered up a pound of maple seeds from the neighborhood, cut off the hard sections of each seed and grounded the feathery remains into a powder. She created a unique solution with the powder and poured it into a spray bottle.

The next day during gym class, Poppy feigned an injury and asked if she could rest in the locker room. It so happened that Britney, Mia, and Maria shared the same gym class, and their lockers were unlocked when Poppy limped into the locker room. She quietly opened each of the girl’s lockers and lightly sprayed their clothes with her unique solution.

When everyone returned at the end of class to change, they found Poppy sitting on a bench soaking her ankle. When the teacher asked how she was doing, Poppy answered she was better, that the soaking helped.

Thirty minutes later, Britney was in her next class working on some math equations. She really hated math because it just did not seem to add up for her. She started to get uncomfortable, squirming in her chair. Then she began to itch. She quietly scratched, first her side, then her stomach. Suddenly, the itching became unbearable. The more she scratched, the more she itched. She jumped up, ran to the door, and scratched her back and butt against the doorjamb. It felt as if her whole body was covered with bugs, and no amount of scratching seemed to help. She hated bugs even more than math, and the idea of her body being covered with them frightened her. She screamed while running out of the classroom and, ripping off her blouse, ran down the hallway. She stopped momentarily when she saw Mia and Maria run out of their classrooms in assorted disarray, scratching all over their bodies. Then all three girls ran down the hallway toward the locker room showers with their clothing falling where they may.

No one could explain what happened that day, only that three of the most popular girls were running through the school like madwomen.

Poppy and Pipi had trouble holding back their laughter at their nemesis distress. Pipi never learned how it happened, but she suspected Poppy had something to do with it.

Poppy watched the girls disappear into the locker room, thinking that maybe she made the itching powder a little too strong. Or, perhaps karma stepped in.



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