Summit Lake, WV Incident

OSAP Files:  2060.06.14D:  Summit Lake, W. Virginia 

Jack Slater, director of OSAP personal report.  I arrived at Richwood yesterday to personally investigate the mass UFO sightings in the area.  During the past week multiple witnesses have reported strange lights moving erratically at night.  Also, a few daylight discs have been seen speeding over the nearby mountains.  I checked in the Richwood Inn, just outside of town, after introducing myself to the local police.  With OSAP being recently supported by the United Nations, I reminded the officers to contact me ASAP about any sightings. 

Today, June 14, 2060, at approximately 8:00 p.m., I received word of an UFO over nearby Summit Lake.  I arrived at the lake around 8:20 and proceeded to drive around, checking the sky for the object.  I parked in a scenic lookout area and got out, taking my PADD—Personal Analytical Display Device—and proceeded checking the area.  The temperature was a cool 69 degrees, with normal humidity and pollen count.  I watched the sun set to the west, the stars appearing in the dark-blue hued sky.  The mountains minimalized the light pollution from Richwood. 

The PADD picked up local police chatter.  A squad car was chasing a UFO moving fast toward the lake.  I activated the EM-detector.  Nothing, no activity around.  I scanned the sky while listening to the chase.  Then I heard a distanced siren.  It sounded like it was coming closer. 

I turned to the east and was shocked to see a metallic sphere-shaped craft approach me, following the road below.  Lights from the police car not far behind.  I recorded the scene with the PADD, taking readings as the UFO approached.  It flew over my position at an altitude of 100 feet then stopped.  It hovered silently over the lake.  I could see the stars and lake reflect off the craft.  But when I checked the PADD screen, it only showed what looked like a small sun glowing over the water.  It pulsed a sonic wave outward.  It felt like someone gently pushed me.  The EM detector jumped, the reading went off the scale. 

The police car siren suddenly stopped, it’s lights blinked off.  The car skidded and rolled to a stop near the edge of the lookout. 

Also, the PADD went dead.  Lights I had saw earlier coming from cabins across the lake blinked off.  The only light in the area came from the stars.  The craft hovered for a few minutes, then shot northward, disappearing over the mountains. 

That was the last of the sightings in the area.  I stayed a few more days, talking to the locals.  Their statements are attached.

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