Grand Lake, Colorado Case

OSAP Files: 206800715C:  Grand Lake, Colorado Case

In respect to his wishes, we will not use his real name.  Instead we will call him John A.

Early in the afternoon of July 15, 2068, John A—an avid hiker—was walking along the shore of Grand Lake in Colorado when he spotted a strange object hovering above the water, near the shoreline.  He described the craft disc-like, with an elongated cone-like tower on top.  It was silvery-gray in color.  The craft was next to the opposite shore.  He judged it to be over fifty feet in diameter.

What came next made him duck behind some bushes.  A tall figure walked from behind the craft on the shore.  Standing next to a tree, the alien appeared to be over seven feet tall.  It wore a grayish armored-like outfit without pants.  Its skin was greenish-gray, its face not human.

John A. said he tried to move around for a better look without being seen.  John stepped onto a log that cracked under his weight.  The creature turned and looked straight at him.  That was when John noticed it was reptilian in appearance.

John dove for cover as the creature ran for the craft.  A moment later the UFO began moving across the lake.  At first it appeared it was heading for John’s position but it quickly sped up, gaining altitude.  It was gone within a few seconds.

John A. estimated the whole incident took four minutes.

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