The Spire Base Incident

OSAP Files: 20600421A, Spire Military Disposal Base

triangular ufoAt 2:30 a.m. radar operator Sergeant John Wilkins plotted a fast moving UFO on his screen.  He reported it “traveled too fast to calculate.”  It blip seemed to head for the base and would be in sight within a minute.  He called the tower to instruct them to look for anything unusual.

Staff Sergeant Penelope Jones was in the tower when she got the call from Sergeant Wilkins to see if she could spot anything to the west.

At first, she saw nothing unusual until she spotted a white light “…like a fireball” heading directly toward the tower.  She was about to sound the alarm when it suddenly was over the base, hovering above the storage facilities just west of the tower.  She described it as a “big, bright light, tremendous in size.”  She was about to call the officer on duty when all the lights starting blinking out around the base.  In a few moments, the base was completely in the dark.  She discovered base phone and radio was not working as well.  She looked up at the object and found it had disappeared, including the stars and horizon behind it.

PFC Kyle Wells was on guard duty at the storage facilities with his partner, a German shepherd named Rex.  Rex stopped suddenly and started whining, backing up to Private Wells.  That was when all the lights the immediate area started flickering and then blacked out.

He looked up and saw the stars above was gone as well.  He stood there for a few moments, staring up at the sky as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.  He soon realized the stars didn’t disappear, but something large was blocking them.

He made out the shape as a large, triangular-shaped object.  It was totally black, solid with no appearance of seams or windows.  He estimated it was only two hundred feet above him, hovering silently.

He tried to shine his flashlight on it but it, too, didn’t work.

He reported he stood there with Rex cowering behind him for a couple of minutes before a bright beam of light shot from the center of the object and lit up the building next to him.

Private Wells aimed his rifle up at the craft, ready to defend his post.  But he didn’t fire once he realized it would be like shooting at a tank with a pellet gun.  He stood there, aiming his rifle at the sky waiting to see what happen next.

After several minutes, the light from the object blinked off and the darkness began to move away to the south.  A moment later he could no longer see it.

Once it was out of site all the lights on the base came back on, along with sirens and military vehicles that were stalled by the object.

The building which the object seemed to be interested in stored radioactive waste that was scheduled to dispose of at the next solar flight.

An interesting thing was discovered after the incident.  Something had drained the radioactivity from the canister, rendering them inert.


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